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kraków to jedn…

kraków to jednak jest jebana wieś. jarają sie kurwa wszyscy debile że wyjechali z tych swoich wszystkich małych wszi i przyjechali do niby miasta. tylko że to miast nie jest miastem a chloerną wydmuszką w której nie da sie żyć ani oddychać. piątkowe wieczory polegają tylko i wyłącznie na napierdoleniu sie do nieprzytomności i kurwa każdy jest świecie przekonany że tak ma być i że on jest najlepszy. a gówno prawda po kiego chuja chwalić coś co mi sie nie podoba, nikt sie w tym pierdolonym mieście nie może zabrać za siebie, ten brak chęci zmian jest przerażający. no bo kurwa niby po co zrobić cokolowiek inczaej skoro można tak jak jest, i chuj z tym że jest 100000000000000000 razy gorzej. i need to move


doing nothing i…

doing nothing is stressfull, and yet i still cant get myself to wrok.

also, check this shit out


this generation…

this generations problem lies in the fact that theres nothing to rebel against or fight for, banks? wallstreet? bitch please. the west is dieing unless something changes dramatically this stagnation will lead to loss of any control and the slow empowering of the bric countries and the like


you cant find hapiness for the loing term, hapiness is a moment, it comes with change, thats why people think money doesnt bring hapiness, if uv had it for a long time it most definately wont, its good for a while. Change is happiness, as long as u dont lose comparison ul stay happy, but once stop being unhappy ull stop being happy, thats why people like mood swing situations, toxic realtionships, and destructive things, things like that make normal moments seem happy by comparison. happines cannot exist as a singular concept, same way there is no good without evil, or big boobs without  small boobs, hahah im not sure if that last part made sense but i think i might be horny again





so basically ive fallen asleep for too long and now that ive woken up i fell like omsebody knocked my brains out with a sledgehammer. Its a bitch since im trying to concentrate on that request thing. shit my channces are looking a bleaker and bleaker for getting that schollarship. oh well. nevertheless im finally starting to feel properly stressed thats good i fel best when ims tressed at least thats what i tell myself i knwo im definitly more efficent. ive to a conclusion lately we have to be uncfortable to move forward wwe have to suffer freeze and starve to bring innovation once ur perfectyl happy with yourself thats when shit becomes a problem. thats the one issue i have with all those self help books and makeover programs on tv. get this, a fat ugly bitch comes on screen and starts crying about how ugly she is. then two presenters come up to her and tell her its not true thats shes absolutely beautiful sexy and lovely they tell her she should accept herself for who she is. wtf. I beg to differ, so does thats sluts weighing scale, and mirror. Ur ugly and fat, self acceptance isnt the way to go. Nor is crying. Dont like your weight? GO ON A DIET, dont like the way you look? CHANGE IT get to the dentist mak him fix ur teeth, go to the surgeon make him fix your nose and those ugly tits. Dont want to? Give up. Only do the whole world a favour, dont just pretend to give up and than wait for someone to help. U wanna give up? fine do it fully, tak a rope, or a gungo to the forest, far enough so ur sure no one can save you on time, and kill yourself. wow on afterthought this might have been kind of mean, oh well sometimes i think theres a couple people inside of me shit i wann inside some hot blond right any way on a more positive note, anybody seen that new french film about the bkack dude and the guy in the wheelchair? i heard its epic, im planning to see it sometime soon but im not sure when yet. oh also can somebody finally explain to me why cinema dates, or dates in general are a good idea? on a date we try our hardest we look better then usual speak better than usual and basically try to make the best impression ever. thats just bullshit. you can learn more in one of binge drinking at a party with girl you like, than on 50 dates. shit i have to work on my spelling and get more intellectual agian. i mean this bullshit, i havent read any proper book in ages, hell i cant even finish reading glamorama. fuck it i might go back to reading satanic verses, maybe ill get through it this time. im going to the hairdresser tomorrow, i just hope hes not gay, gays scare me for some reason, at least the open ones, i couldnt care less about the closteted ones, but the faggots wearing womens pureses, going to gay marches dressed like drag queens yyh hate them, anoying fuckers.


ive lately been thinking that when it comes to peace and politics were fucked, no not only poland, everybody, I mean the way current power is shifting around when it comes to economy and all that shit theres basically 2 outcomes: the demise of old super powers and rise of new ones, all accompanied by smaller conflicts in area of the power and territorial shift. Or big ass war between countries in their current form. Basically the first option sounds better when it comes to peace, life, happiness, and all that lovely shit. But, it might also mean a drastic change in culture, religion and personal freedoms. The second option id say would be more risky. Ever there is a bloody war and the power changes anyways, territories change, and we end up completely screwed over and collonised, or were on the winning side and everythings golden. yyh now that i think about it not much of it makes sense, but then again only 4 people vosoted this blog in the last two months, so even if i write fuck you suck my balls it wont chnage anything. also todays episode of game of thrones was epic. i guess thats what kind of got me into this politics mood and shit. oh also theres this russian blonde bitch thats come to visit lately, i finally have to bang her. and what else umm people are much nicer in milan than here. oh and i think shes brunette and not blonde now. could someone please buy me a Triumph Bonneville? And a suit from mcqueen. Im broke as fuck, cant even afford to go to the next fashionweek for a weekend. Yes that might sounds like alot of money, but that shit is in Łódź, yes its cheap. last year hey gave out free vodka with apple juice, i was probably drunk at every single show. Oh also dera Jeremy Scott, i llove shit you design but still, mate the shit u pulled of last year with just sending your clothes to the show but not coming in person, that was disrespectfull bullshit, poland isn’t a third world country. On a slitghly different note has somebody forgiven galliano yet? I mean come on, me and half of the people i know say much worse and more offensive things when were drunk, only difference is some to stupid cunt decided to video him. to clarify i dont want to say that dissing jews is a good thing, fuck’s sake im partly jewish myself, and still think that what was done to him was to severe for what he said. Good night sleep tight. Hopefully my next dream will involve adriana lima, huntley, candice, a jacuzzi, and lots of blowjobs